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In Quanzhou City in Fujian Province Science and Technology and the Office of Science and Technology Bureau under the direct guidance and concern to Asia and Thailand Quanzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as the main elements of drug works by the Ministry of Education Research Center, the Overseas Chinese University Institute of molecular medicine, and national-level model productivity Promotion Centre (Quanzhou) common form of Chinese medicine in Quanzhou Engineering Technology Research Center, in December 2007 and formally established operators.

The academic leaders of the Centre Professor Xu Ruian, as the International Society of gene therapy for cancer and executive director of molecular medicine incumbent director of the Research Center of the Ministry of Education, Chinese University of molecular medicine, director of the Institute, has presided over a number of national high-tech research and development Plan (863 Plan) research in cancer, diabetes and cirrhosis, and other areas of research results from the international academic reputation. Dr. available to the Centre for the master's degree and 30 were the backbone of the research team, in modern Chinese medicine and natural medicine research, have made great achievements, has received a number of national and provincial scientific and technological progress awards, the invention patent applications and authorized 40 Over.

Quanzhou Engineering Technology Research Center of Chinese Medicine of the formation, in line with the country "to support Chinese medicine and the development of national pharmaceutical industry" excellent opportunity to strengthen with Taiwanese characteristics of the new varieties of traditional Chinese medicine research and development, and promote information exchange among local businesses, results Docking with the transfer of projects to promote the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine to make modest.

The Centre can provide the following aspects of professional and technical services

1. Preparation of traditional Chinese medicine research, quality research and pilot Larger production;
2. Released Chinese medicine products to improve the process, improve formulations, improve quality standards;
3. New Chinese medicine delivery systems technology applied research, such as the sustained and controlled release, colon administration;
4. Effective component of Chinese medicine, effective parts of the extraction, separation, purification, structure identification;
5. Pharmacodynamics Screening and medicine safety evaluation studies;
6. Functional food, health food development, processing;
7. To develop products, commissioned by the development and registration;
8. Patent applications and patent technology promotion.

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